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Another great thing with these kids Youtube videos

Another great thing with Jake and the Neverland pirates is that there is so many good hidden messages for the kids learn and evolve while they’re watching these types of youtube video. Ryan could probably spend hour after hour in front of youtube watching his favorite episode of jake and the his pirates over and over again if I’d let him. Fortunately I do not let him watch that much tv/youtube every day. I remember when I had a computer while I was young. My parents told me I couldn’t sit at the computer for too long and I had like a schedule for how much I could sit each day. But they had no problem with me sitting in front of the TV or going to see a movie or playing video games. That was so much more normal. Even though computers had more educational purpose and the well the TV commercials can brainwash any kid to say the least. That is my thoughts on the whole computer/youtube/TV point of view when it comes to kids. IT is educational and I think our kids learn so much thanks to these new technologies. Even though there are bad guys like captain hook in jake and the Neverland pirates they have made him much nicer in the cartoon series compared to what I used to watch as a kid. We are going in the right direction if you ask me!

""> What makes jake and the Neverland pirates videos so great?

February 21 2016, 00:43am

Posted by Yotube videos

Jake and the neverland pirates is one of my kids favorite cartoon characters, these little pirates which airs on disney junior each day seems to be the only thing on that channel for kids Ryans age (7). That Special agent Oso is more appropriate for smaller...

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